Injection moulds for Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) materials

Manufacturing of injection moulds for liquid silicone has been the essence of Top Tech Italia historical activities for more than 30 years. Due to this characteristic, associated with the existing characteristics within Top Clean Packaging group, our company is appreciated by the demanding healthcare markets. We also work with a team of specialized and rigorously selected contractors, working with us to meet all our requirements or knowledge we need.

We have deep experience about the following: 
Multi-stamp LSR moulds with cold chamber
Direct injection on products with or without obturator
Overmoulding (insert insertion)
Bi-injection (thermoplastic/LSR)
              *Rotating mould 
              *Mould transfer
Co-injection LSR / LSR with 2 densities

Silicone Division

The coordination of liquid silicone injection activities with Top Clean Packaging group is ensured by an “Injection Division Manager”. If you operate in the pharmaceutical or medical market, use injected liquid silicone (LSR) products, and are looking for a single technical reference, which is able to support you in international development of your activities, contact us!

    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry